Astro Alloys was in many ways a pre-digital business. Online presence and web user experience wasn't a high priority with sales primarily coming through sales reps hitting the road and doing their thing. But businesses evolve and successful businesses head into the future not just 'keep up with the times'. And; so it is with Astro Alloys.

The evolving business of Astro Alloys now offer multiple products across a range from welding equipment to farming and fertilisers and even bulk buy eco-friendly cleaning products. 

VA help to differeniate the brand by creating a series of identifable brand elements to easily distinguish each product offering while simusteanouly connecting them to their parent.

VA were also responsible for the creation of rolling out Astro Alloy's new brand suite via product labelling and of course a user friendly website with e-commerce function that connects browser to product easy.

Astro Alloys is proudly a national company and has for years specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of high quality innovative specialty products - their brand is now on par.