Sunshine Coast Open House is a free event, which provides visitors with the rare opportunity to tour architecturally diverse, well-designed and historic buildings across the region. We Are VA were delighted to provide a range of creative collateral for the inaugural event. 

A Quick History of Open House 

In 1992 the concept was founded by Victoria Thorton OBE, with the aim to create a wider community able to engage with architecture on their own terms and argue for a better quality of the built environment. 

Since its inception, the Open House experience has grown to include over 30 countries internationally. 

The Sunshine Coast is proud to join the Open House experience offering a unique style that has been developed over the last 50 years.

Encourage the Wider Community to Step Inside

Just like in architecture VA know that design must never be divorced from function. With this approach in mind, VA set out to create a beautiful and useful suite of collateral.

Promotional material included lanyards, pull- up banners, guidebook, flyers and posters for the event launch, public display at participating buildings and to publicise the event.

VA were also responsible for creating one very slick website that like the event's namesake, encourages you to step inside and explore.

Feel like a small wander? Step Inside - Here.