Riso is RAD

VA are proud owners of a SF9350 Risograph and will soon offer RISO printing as a service to the public.

We are just received our SF9350 Risograph and are looking for for artists willing to experiment with us as we iron out our equipment and processes.

To do that we are offering

  • We have 5 colours available – see below
  • You will supply the files as per our instructions below
  • We will print on XXXXX A3
  • We will make you 11 copies of your artwork
  • We will send you a picture of the final product
  • If you are happy with the final product we will send you an invoice for $77
  • We will post 10 copies to you (In Australia)
  • We will keep 1 as a print sample for future reference

Riso Enquiry

  • We love to see you art work before we get you a price
  • Make sure you tell us how many colours are in the job and what quantities you wish to print.

How does the riso work?

The Risograph creates a stencil that is wrapped around an drum with ink inside. The drum rolls and paper goes through the machine and creates in impression.

It prints one colour at a time. If you want to print more colours you put the paper through the machine again.

Setting up your file

Send your work PDFs no compression and a minimum of 300dpi. Each colour needs to be a separate file. Name each file with the colour and what order it needs to be printed

Convert the colours into greyscale, with 100% saturation for full coverage and less for lighter shades of colour. Download our starter pack here – it is a zip file with each layer as a PDF and a picture of what it looked like coming off the printer

Registration & Trapping

You need to take into consideration trapping and overlay. Allow for 2mm trapping.

Print & Paper Size

The Riso does print full bleed A3. 

You will need to leave a 5mm border around the edge of an A3 page. 
The maximum printable area is: 287 x 410mm.